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Clinical Data

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The most widely studied antibiotic spacer technology in the world.

spacers interspace clinical data

  • 94.8%

    Eradication Rate at latest follow-up

  • 491

    Cases Reported

  • 10

    Peer-reviewed papers at 10 different sites

  • 46

    Months average follow-up

InterSpace® shows its reliability, efficiency and effectiveness at treating joint sepsis with 24 peer-reviewed papers from 17 different sites from across the globe.

"This systematic review provides evidence in favor of the routine use of an industrially, pre-formed spacer loaded with a standardized, relatively low concentration of gentamicin, [and] that in different centers, showed an average infection eradication rate of 96.1 percent at spacer removal and 94.8 percent at the latest follow-up after reimplantation. The systematic review does not support the hypothesis that the antibiotic associations or antibiotic concentrations higher than 1.9 percent are routinely needed for spacers used in two-stage revision surgery."
- CL Romano, MSIS 2013.

The inclusion criteria removed case reports, clinical series with less than 10 patients, duplicate studies and series with a mean follow-up of less than 24 months. The exclusion criteria left 10 papers for a total of 491 spacers implanted at 10 centers. 

  • Only 19 patients (3.9%) had a persistent infection that required a spacer exchange or resection arthroplasty
  • Four hundred and eighty (480) patients underwent the second-stage procedure
  • Of the 480, only 25 patients (5.2%) had an infection at the mean follow-up of 46 months

1. Romano CL, Drago L, Logoluso N. Low-dose gentamicin-loaded spacers are effective for two-stage revision. Musculoskeletal Infection Society (MSIS). 2013 July 30.