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Exactech Revision.
Complexity Simplified.

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Revision cases can be complex and challenging. Exactech’s latest revision products for hip, knee and shoulder are designed to deliver ease of use for surgeons and improve patient outcomes. 


Optetrak Logic® CC Comprehensive Revision System 

Streamlining your revision procedures, the Exactech Revision Knee System delivers a high-performance portfolio of implants and instruments for reproducible results. VIEW VIDEO.

Product Sheet Operative Technique


 Alteon® Monobloc Revision Stem

The Alteon Monobloc Revision Stem incorporates the functionality of a modular design, with the simplicity of a monobloc. It is a press-fit, distally fixed, one-piece tapered, splined titanium stem. It intends to achieve axial and rotational mechanical stability and operative predictability through a carefully engineered combination of design features. VIEW VIDEO.

Product Sheet Operative Technique

Related Products

Exactech offers other products to fully equip surgeons in revision procedures - InterSpace® preformed spacers, the AcuDriver® implant removal system, Cemex® antibiotic cement and multiple biologic solutions.

Spacers Power Cement Biologics



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*The Equinoxe Humeral Reconstruction Prosthesis is not indicated for use with the reverse shoulder components in oncology applications.