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Cemex Bone Cement

Safety, Simplicity and Reliability

bone cement cemex 3:1 chemical formula
bone cement cemex 3:1 chemical formula
bone cement cemex in liquid and powder form
bone cement cemex in liquid and powder form
bone cement cemex syringe
bone cement cemex syringe

Cemex® is a clinically-proven bone cement with long-term success in the fixation of joints.1-4 Cemex has a distinctive powder derived from a patented process that produces PMMA particles of consistent size and shape. These characteristics result in uniform spheres with few microparticles and nearly no irregularities compared to other commercially-available cements.2 The unique powder blend yields a more dense structure and a decreased total surface area, which uses less monomer to create the same chemical reaction consistent with other materials.

Features and Benefits:

  • Successfully used in Europe for more than 25 years1-4
  • A 3:1 chemical formula produces more than a 30 percent reduction in the toxic monomer5
  • Reduced monomer  creates a 20 percent reduction in the polymerization temperature compared to the best-selling bone cements5
  • Lower maximum polymerization temperature reduces the potential for bone and tissue necrosis5
  • Thirty (30) percent less monomer  design reduces shrinkage and the potential for loosening and early implant failure5
  • Decreased risk of monomer leakage and toxic vapors exposure making it safer for users and the patient
  • Unique PMMA powder inherently traps less air and removes the need to vacuum mix
  • Product breadth addresses a wide range of clinical needs



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    Cemex®System, Cemex® System Fast and Fast Genta are produced by Tecres® S.p.A., Italy, and are distributed exclusively in the United States by Exactech, Inc. 

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