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Ossilix: Calcium Phosphate Cement

High Performance Next Generation Calcium Phosphate Cement

ossigen compressed
ossigen compressed
ossigen flexible
ossigen flexible
ossigen flexible
ossigen flexible

Ossilix™ is a high performance next generation calcium phosphate cement indicated for filling bony defects in cancellous bone.

This material was designed to overcome the limitations of the first generation calcium phosphate cements. First generation cements had good compression strength, but were weak in tension, flexural strength and fracture toughness, which combined with poor handling properties, have limited their use in fracture fixation


  • Biocompatible
  • Allows for natural bone remodeling, while still maintaining strength higher than that of cancellous bone
  • Easy to mix and deliver with supplied mixing system
  • Fast, hard-setting
  • Sets in wet environment
  • Immediate higher compressive strength than cancellous bone
  • Can be drilled and inserted with screws (Ossilix form and fil)
  • May be implanted before or after hardware allowing surgeons to maintain their standard surgical technique and allowing precise cement and hardware placement (Ossilix form and fil)
  • Can be mixed with autograft as autograft extender (Ossilix form only)



Ossilix™ is manufactured by Skeletal Kinetics and distributed by Exactech Inc.

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