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Exactech is committed to providing the best possible return to what you LOVE.

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We know joint replacement surgery is a major decision – one that you’re carefully considering and researching. After all, you want the best possible outcome. So do we.

Our educational resources are designed to improve your understanding of arthritic conditions and what you can expect with your procedure, from preparation to recovery. It’s time to get back to what you love. Ask your physician if joint replacement surgery is right for you.

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With any surgery, there are potential risks, and results will vary depending on the patient. Joint replacement surgery is not for everyone. Check with your physician to determine if you are a candidate for joint replacement surgery. Your physician will consider the risks and benefits associated with this procedure, as well as individual factors such as the cause of your condition, and your age, height, weight and activity level.


  • The information contained within this website is for educational purposes only and is not providing medical advice. This information is not intended to replace the expert guidance of your orthopaedic surgeon. Please direct any questions or concerns you may have to your orthopaedic surgeon. Decisions concerning patient care and treatment should be made solely by your physician(s). With any surgery, there are potential risks and results will vary depending on the patient.