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Independent Sales Opportunities

Let’s replace good with great.

At Exactech, sales representatives play a key role in delivering on our brand promise of making every day “A Great Day in the O.R.” for the surgeon, the O.R. staff and above all…for the patient.


Our sales people tell us it’s different here. We’re there for them - before, during and after every case. With the products, training, state-of-the-art tools and direct access to the corporate resources they need. 

At a time that so much is changing in our industry, you might find it refreshing to know that here at Exactech, we’re holding strong to our focus on your surgeons and their patients' needs.

So if you’re ready to replace being a number with being a partner, maybe it’s time we talked.


United States Sales Professionals



International Sales Professionals

For International Opportunities please contact:

Daniel Berdat
VP Sales & Marketing International