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Helping surgeons worldwide make patients more mobile

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Exactech's Story

  • Improving Patient Outcomes Since 1985

    Exactech started with a dream shared by orthopaedic surgeon Bill Petty, MD, biomedical engineer Gary Miller, PhD,  and organizational culture advocate Betty Petty, MA. They wanted to make a difference in the quality of care provided to patients suffering from injuries or joint diseases like arthritis.

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    Committed to a Common Purpose

    Exactech exists to improve the quality of life for individuals by maintaining their activity and independence. We do this through innovative ideas, high quality products, education and commitment to service.

  • Living Our Surgeon-Focused Culture

    "I marvel at the results Exactech employees achieve through the customer-focused culture they have created and sustained. Surgeons who have worked with other companies and have then come to know Exactech and our products tell me regularly: ‘There is something different about this company. I feel like you are really listening to me.’"
    David Petty 
    Exactech Chief Executive Officer

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  • What’s It Really Like at Exactech? 

  • At the Heart of Our Culture

    You can go to almost any organization and see its values on the wall or in the elevator, but we work very hard to ensure that we live these values on a daily basis: Integrity, Compassion, Teamwork, Excellence, Innovation.

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    Where a Passion for Patient Care Drives Innovative Designs

    “We are always encouraging challenges to the status quo and fresh ideas to pioneer new products, streamline instrumentation or enhance training and education in ways that make meaningful improvements to the standard of care for patients.
    Gary Miller, PhD 
    Exactech Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Research & Development

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